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Since its rise in popularity during the 1960’s, coffeehouses have evolved into havens for liberal ideas and decaying social values. Beatniks are now Generation Xers living on their parents credit cards, while berets and poetry have been replaced by Crocs and iPods. In general, people use these places to gather, waste time, and wait for their expected entitlement. It was in direct response to this image that Dave Beckham created a vision for a coffeehouse that would reflect the true American values of industry, family, and purposefulness. His vision was realized with the opening of A Conservative Cafe in September of 2007.

The driving mission of A Conservative Cafe is to provide customers who had already found their path in life, a place where they could feel more welcome. Conservative Cafe's advancement of traditional American values does not involve an endorsement of any political party’s agenda; instead, we recognize both Republican and Democratic citizens can share these traditional American values, and seek a public place to meet with like-minded individuals and their families. We believe that traditional conservative values are what has kept this country as a world leader, and it is these same values that are at risk if not passed down to future generations.

What truly sets A Conservative Cafe apart from conventional coffeehouses is its family friendly atmosphere. Flat panel televisions tuned to Fox news, scrolling news/stock market ticker, and a pro-America décor reflect the values of its customers as they enjoy the highest quality sandwiches and drinks with their families. Indeed, we pride ourselves on epitomizing the old business line, "the customer is always right.” Customer service - that American invention now extinct in most businesses - is a commitment at A Conservative Cafe. By observing and celebrating the traditions of the American family, long-term success can be achieved and Conservative Cafe’s mission and vision can be realized. It is this end in mind that distinguishes Conservative Cafe’s product and services from its competitors.

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